About Us


We are convinced that the traditional type of organizational logic will not survive. The new way of solving our problems effectively is to build organizations and companies on collaborative networks and communities, which brings resilience, local intelligence and dynamic exchange to the system. The marketplace is our attempt to unleash all the potential that exist within the field of social innovation in our community and wider network. It is divided into two parts:


An online platform…

  • … that holds all projects and activities of us and our community. On this platform there is an online process to easily collaborate:

    • You have a project or a great idea and are looking for resources (people, money or expertise): you can sign it up to the marketplace and benefit from the resources, support and the people there.

    • You are looking for opportunities to contribute to a project (paid or on a voluntary basis): you can sign up to a project that you would like to be part of, or you can sign up to the pool of experts that supports other projects to thrive.

  • … with a support structure that contains coaches and trainings to help individuals and teams in realizing their projects.

  • … with a long term scope and plan to have a constant flow of ideas, people and money, which allows organic growth and scaling.


An offline platform…

  • … where the community organizes “Share & Grow Nights” in different Swiss cities to share, exchange and develop new projects as well as to support each other in their ideas.

  • … with training opportunities that empowers people to co-create new ways of learning, working and innovating that are adapted to the challenges our economy, society and environment face in the 21st century.


The organisation behind the Marketplace

euforia is an independent, youth-driven social innovation enterprise. We believe that the world needs more people who come together to imagine, design, and implement bold solutions to today’s most pressing social, environmental and economic challenges. That is why we engage the unengaged, transform our education system and connect people who would usually not meet, across generations, business and civil society. We do so by providing fun events and trainings that inspire and empower people to move from passiveness and good intentions to activeness and changemaking.