International Student Festival in Calabria


The International Student Festival in Calabria will take place every 2 years in Cosenza, Calabria. The ISFiC aims to gather 100 students from all over the world regardless the nationality, race, religion, orientation and provide them with a space to discuss about the current global issues and exchange traditions. In 10 days the students will participate in different workshops, lectures, discover cultural diversities, world food and traditions, exhibition, debates, concert. The festival will involve local entities,international partners, students, volunteers, thus involving everybody to be part of its creation and activate the community. It’s expected to activate the community involving supporters and helpers, raise tolerance and sense of cultural diversity. The impact on the students will be the high level of sense of being global citizens, dicision and changemakers of the community.

The vision of ISFiC is to create a dialogue between students from all over the world, promote multiculturality, tolerance and of course put them in a direct contact with local Italian people. -To promote the establishment of love, solidarity, and human values in the society with the help of intercultural dialogue, -To spread international tolerance, -To promote active citizenship and to rise their social awareness as a social-cultural factors, -To promote the communication among people of different countries and the creation of mutually beneficial field for their collaboration.

Every festival year there will be a main topic for which the youth will gather and participate. The topics will be chosen according the current global issues. There will be workshop groups according to students’ interests: music group, dance group, photography and documentary group, environmental group, human rights group, etc. In this way the main topic of the ISFiC will be discussed and analysed from different points of views and the outputs of the workshops will be presented in different ways. 

One of the main part of ISFiC should be the world food and traditions event, which will take place for one day during the festival , open for everybody. The students from every country will bring their food, souvineers, games, music and dances from their own counries and in one of the main squares of the city , they will host and present it to the locals and other participants. During ISFiC the students not only have to present their cultures and traditions but also discover the Italian one, so one day during the festival , they will have the chance to take an excursion and discover Calabrian beauty, cultural features. The festival will be closed with a big concert where the participant groups will present their outputs to other participants and the public.


Help, support, Ideas, creative souls willing to work with us, collaborators etc. 


Rima Sahakyan,