Saware Dicha - Develop Saware

DEADLINE FOR SIGN UP: 31. October 2018

"Saware Dicha" wants to change the life of children and women in the rural village Saware in the South of Ethiopia – in a sustainable way.

Why? Saware is a rural village, where children have to walk long distances to get to school, with steep paths on the way and dangerous animals. Additionally, children and women walk long distances to pick up drinking water from a dirty water source, so the water is not safe for drinking. Women cook on open three stone fires, which creates a lot of smoke inside the houses. For collecting the firewood for cooking, again women and children have to walk long distances. The dirty water and all the smoke create a lot of health problems, especially for children and women. 
Saware is the home village of Kebede, the co-founder of the project. He has been suffering from all that when he was a child and walked all these long distances. It has been his dream for many years to improve this situation and help children to have a better future.

With Saware Dicha, we want to improve the conditions step by step – in a sustainable way: 
- We create access to pure drinking water – inside the village
- We introduce improved cooking solutions which procude less smoke and use less firewood
- We create access to better education – by building a school inside the village and enusring quality education – for boys and girls. And we build an education system which preserves the natural environment and teaches about sustainable ways of improving life.

As Kebede is a real local, he knows how to work with the people in Saware. Together with our professional knowledge in the team, our network in Ethiopia and your support we can bring this to reality!

What is the goal/aim of the project?: 
- Better health for the people, especially children and women
- Better chances for the future of the children, for being able to support themselves and help others
- More time for school and income generating activities
- Better income opportunities, especially for women
- Empower women and ensure gender equality
- Save forests
- Protect the climate

A long term goal is to improve the livelihood condititons also in similar villages in Southern Ethiopia.


- Website designing and creation (especially on wordpress)
- Experts in Social Media
- Video making
- experts in education


The work will be on voluntary base, we offer to get insight views and sharing idea possibilities on how to build up a project for improving livelihood conditions (pure drinking water, clean cookstoves, school building and education). Additionally we can give inside tipps for every interested persons who want to travel to Ethiopia and get to know the area of the project.


Kebede Dalacho,