Zurich Retreat

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ZurichRetreat is a concept to create a holistic campus for transition competences in the surroundings of Zurich. We want to become the leading competence center for all change relevant knowledge, offering individuals and organisations ideal conditions for learning and transformation. We want to create an ecosystem that catalyses change and serves at the same time as a prototype and model for a new society.


  • Graphic designers - Communication experts / Storytellers - Organisation & Process facilitators

  • If people work with us for an extended period, they become part of the extended team-circle and hence join the slicing the pie model. So financial compensation only after funding. Before lots of hugs & a bottle of wine...

  • Depends on the task and need. At the moment we have people that contribute 40% pro-bono, others only 1-2h per week.


Martin Hohn

Deadline: we are looking for people on a rolling basis