Power has no Gender

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Power has no Gender is a project by euforia to activate and nurture a community of people fully accepting themselves and feeling confident and empowered to have a social and/or environmental impact, whatever their gender identity might be.

Participants of the project are part of an exploratory laboratory for a new ungendered leadership. Through both online and offline activities, we will strive to generate inspiration (podcast), introspection (trainings) and collaboration towards awareness of ungendered leadership. The 2019 edition of our training the Unleash Project in Romandie will be focused on the topics related to gender and will thus act as the main thread to weave together the different elements of the Power has no Gender project.

Power Has No Gender is still looking for a few inspiring people and organizations willing to contribute to closing the gender gap.


  • Private sector organisations committed to address the gender inequalities internally and willing to test out the methodologies devised over the course of the project.

  • A squarespace Master Developer to help us customize the marketplace platform to the needs of projects dedicated to Gender Equality.


David Martin

If you have any question regarding the different ways to contribute, please get in touch directly with David.

Deadline: as soon as possible