Join the heartbeat team

Join the heartbeat team

We are looking for some motivated people to join euforia's support function team, which we call the Heartbeat circle!!! The positions we are looking to fill range from financial management, administration to logistics in order to bring the stability needed to the crazily dynamic organisation we are. 

Deadline for sign up: 30. April 2018

A-maze: Bootcamp to grow and amaze youreself & others

A-maze: Bootcamp to grow and amaze youreself & others

This is 5 days dedicated to your self-discovery, meet your self-limiting beliefs and perceived obstacles to go beyond and embrace your wholeness. We are looking co-facilitators/coaches with some experience with bodywork/movement, mindfulness, facilitation and coaching. We are also looking for logistic fairies who loves cooking healthy food for groups and create a warm welcoming atmosphere

Deadline for sign up: 15th April 2018



The aim of this project is to offer people the tools to manage their mood and feel better through sound and music  "Soufee", the project's main product is an app that aims to change the way people consume music just like SoundCloud & Spotify did.

Deadline for sign up: 28th July 2018

Collaboratio Festival

Collaboratio Festival

Join the collaboratio festival day as a volunteer. It is a day of celebrating the one year anniversary of collaboratio helvetica and all we’ve done and learned in this time, as well the many people doing important work towards the implementation of the SDGs in Switzerland. As a helper, you will have the opportunity to witness first-hand this unique event and its content as well as connect with very diverse, inspiring people.

Deadline for sign up: 15th of June



I need people to join my “WhatsRollin?” team. The project is a unique marketing project which consolidates and implements multiple marketing strategies into one website, for the purpose of making marketing more efficient and creating a network of clients who are willing to be hosts of crowdfunding events for charity.

Deadline for sign up: 1st of September 2018

Gourmet Kitchen

Gourmet Kitchen

GourmetKitchen ist ein orientalisches Catering. Unser Team besteht aus ausgebildeten Flüchtlingen und SchweizerInnen im Bereich Gastronomie. Unser Ziel ist, dass Flüchtlinge in den Arbeitsmarkt schneller integriert werden. Für das suchen wir nach Personen, die sich im Bereich Marketing auskennen. 

Sign up before: 1. October 2018


Sophie from Be You Network is creating the GenderLab project, which is a hackaton (1 day) on the topic of gender & inclusion that will take place in February 2018. The idea is to bring together various youth organizations & youth responsibles, let them exchange ideas & experiences and develop their own project related to gender & inclusion of LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, intersex) youth.

We aim to change youth responsibles' attitudes and behaviours towards gender and LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, intersex) youth and thus allow everyone to feel included and reach their full potential. Overall, we hope to raise awareness for the topic and empower individuals & organisations to take action so all young people can feel free to be themselves.




now-end of February 2018


The project are looking for people with openness, flexibility, interest in gender and LGBTI topics;
nice to have (but not mandatory): promo & facilitation skills.


Chance to organize & facilitate an event, commission for promo work

Corporate teasers


euforia is looking for 2-4 people who would like to organize teasers in Geneva and Zürich to promote our corporate services to companies. The teasers are about creating a short facilitated experience of 3 hours as a way of sharing our approach and methodology. The objective of the teasers is to attract new companies and institutions to wanting to work with euforia.




Experience with Outreach, project management, facilitation


To be defined


Severin von Hünerbein

Hochrhein Komission


The Hochrein Kommission project is looking for a euphoric facilitator for a one-day event on 7th November, 2017. The project is about connecting and empowering young people and politicians across the Swiss/German border to foster bilateral collaboration.


1 day facilitation, 1 day preparation (approx.)


The requirement is to have a fairly good facilitation experience, and to be a German speaker, preferably also being somewhat interested in politics


500 Chf


Severin von Hünerbein 

Step Into Action


Step into action are looking for team members in Génève, Bern & St.Gallen.

The aim of the project is to invite school students to explore their potential to locally tackle global challenges. Through interactive workshops, games and informative stands students realise how important their personal commitment and individual contribution are to sustainable development.

Inspiring non-formal education methods get students to think about the future of the planet and of mankind, and - more importantly - get them to find ways to address major global issues. Pupils are encouraged to change their everyday habits towards a more sustainable lifestyle, learn how to get involved with over 20 partner organisations present at the event, and are even invited to create their own sustainable projects with friends or classmates.


Step into action is ongoing throughout almost 1 year.


To be a curiousity person, ready to change the world!

Skills in project and event management are also appreciated but not necessary


You will learn about project- and eventmanagement, you will become part of step into action community, and you will take an active role to foster sustainable development and civic engagement in Switzerland

Wellbeing retreat


David wants to create wellbeing retreats for people who are seeking balance & restoration from their busy lives, and he is looking for 2 collaborators.

The aim of the project is to create space for people to realise their own wellbeing and give them a revitalised sense of inner-peace and personal energy.

The program is yet to be defined, but may include:
- the practice of mindfulness
- yoga
- mediation

- process & body work with supports inner development
- cooking classes

The target audience is english speaking professionals in Switzerland. Ages 25-55, and with a rather high income.


Anytime in November or early December.


Experience with facilitation & project management.

10 day planning & preparation.
1 weekend execution.
1 day evaluation.


Depending how many participants the project gets.

Alive Peace Project

The Alive Peace project is looking for a ‘Finance Guru’, a ‘Logistics Superstar’ and a ‘Fundraising Magician ‘ to help create a week-long training course taking place 10th - 17th December 2017 in Geneva.

About the Training Course:

The training will include up to 30 participants from around Europe involved in youth and peace work. The aim of the project is to empower youth to make a positive change in society and contribute to a more peaceful world. Alive Peace was born after Euforia’s Imp!act event in Berlin 2016.

Already part of this project team is Tissione Parmar (project holder), Laura Aldrighetti and Agata Stajer.




  • Young people as agents of change. We wish to empower young people to take action in creating social change within their own personal lives and to unleash their potential.

  • Everyone is a potential peacebuilder with the power to create meaningful change in the world.

  • Peace is not only a political process but an experiential one too which needs to be practiced, cultivated and explored on a personal and interpersonal level.

  • Peace does not need to be a passive, boring or dull process but be deeply fulfilling and alive!


Finance Guru:

  • Some previous experience in finance / accounting is preferable with basic IT skills e.g  Excel

  • Keeping organised records of expenses and budget

  • To be the main finance coordinator of the project

  • Responsible for some administrative and legal tasks

Logistics Superstar:

  • Help finding accommodation for participants

  • Looking for suitable training venue

  • Help with local transport

  • Event management and logistics

Fundraising Magician:

  • Research into funding possibilities in Europe and Switzerland

  • Creating a crowdfunding campaign

  • Help to write applications with help from other members of the team


  • The possibility to join as a participant of the training (Free food, transport and accommodation during the training).

  • An opportunity to gain experience with an international peace project and team which plans to expand in the future.

  • Recommendation letter for future employers


Up to 5 hours per week until December

euforia troublemakers


We're looking for some euforia troublemakers to join our Communication team as "facilitators" and "communicators" to support our PR efforts during "live" events.

Your mission consists in attending conferences, fairs or other events in view of spreading our euforia vibes. Here are some examples:


  • You participated in one of our programmes or events.
  • Enthusiasm and energy to spread the euforia vibes around the world.


We will meet once or twice between September and November to plan the events you will take part in.


  • You will receive a stipend of CHF 20.- / hour.
  • At your start, please send us a copy of your ID card, AVS card and valid permit.


Javier, for euforia

imp!act - Train the trainers

Logo_Leading-With-Impact (1).jpg

euforia is looking for a french speaking young euforic co-trainer & co-facilitiator for an imp!act project. The imp!act happens as part of a Leading with imp!act (euforia’s cooperate programme) with an institution in Lausanne. Together, we will train the young professionals of this institution to get the tools, methods, knowledge, skills and attitude so that they themselves can facilitate an imp!act for their co-workers in March 2018. We as euforia will be present also during their own imp!act in March to co-facilitate and coach the organising team.

The higer aim of this project is tol empower young professionals to create a collaborative, innovative and participative work environment.


1 day preparation of the training for the imp!act facilitators
3 day co-training to train the imp!act facilitators
2 days preparation for imp!act
3.5 days imp!act co-facilitation


preferable a young euforic member (<30)

Someone who has previous experience organizing and facilitating imp!act

French speaking


There will be a financial remuneration (~1000CHF) and additionally this is a great learning opportunity.


Natalia Luque

Workshop at Jugendkonferenz Kanton Bern


euforia is looking for 1 team member to present imp!act at youth conference in Bern the 1st of December. The project is to create two small 90 minutes workshops for 20-40 young people to give them an experience of imp!act and the magic of euforia. The aim of the project is to foster the empowerment of young people through a hands-on presentation of imp!act and helps to make euforia better known in Bern.


2 days (one for prep and 1 for facilitation)


Someone who speaks german, has participated to an imp!act before and ideally has realized a project there (not required).


It's a volunteer position. The compensation is gaining experience through practicing facilitation and you can present your own imp!act project (if it's still active).


Martina Schlumpf