revolutionize the (r)evolution lab

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(r)evolution lab is an innovative and experiential train-the-trainers programme, spread over 6 months, that accompanies and prepares young like-minded people for organising and facilitating an imp!act event in their neighborhood, city or company. During two training weekends they will experience the key attitudes, skills and knowledge to create an event, including teambuilding and project management, leadership, programme design, facilitation and wellbeing strategies. They will also directly experience an innovative working culture based on co-creation, safe space, radical collaboration, stretching boundaries, and daring to try (and fail).


volunt'heros!!! :)

  • You could either help us with logistics, which mainly means being present during the (r)evolution lab and give us a hand with cooking and so on.
  • We are also extremely happy if you would like to take over some facilitation.
    For facilitation we would be totally amazed if you would be available the 14-16th September 2018 in Zürich, the 12-13th January 2019 in Bern, and during three evening workshops in between. However, we would also already be so grateful for your help, if you do not have this much time provided and only want to facilitate during some parts of the (r)evolution lab.


For facilitation we are looking for engaged volunt'heros who have already organized an imp!act in the past and want to get back in the euforia groove.


eternal euforic appreciation, the chance to empower and motivate other young people, and more experience in faciliation


reach out to: