Alive Peace Project

The Alive Peace project is looking for a ‘Finance Guru’, a ‘Logistics Superstar’ and a ‘Fundraising Magician ‘ to help create a week-long training course taking place 10th - 17th December 2017 in Geneva.

About the Training Course:

The training will include up to 30 participants from around Europe involved in youth and peace work. The aim of the project is to empower youth to make a positive change in society and contribute to a more peaceful world. Alive Peace was born after Euforia’s Imp!act event in Berlin 2016.

Already part of this project team is Tissione Parmar (project holder), Laura Aldrighetti and Agata Stajer.




  • Young people as agents of change. We wish to empower young people to take action in creating social change within their own personal lives and to unleash their potential.

  • Everyone is a potential peacebuilder with the power to create meaningful change in the world.

  • Peace is not only a political process but an experiential one too which needs to be practiced, cultivated and explored on a personal and interpersonal level.

  • Peace does not need to be a passive, boring or dull process but be deeply fulfilling and alive!


Finance Guru:

  • Some previous experience in finance / accounting is preferable with basic IT skills e.g  Excel

  • Keeping organised records of expenses and budget

  • To be the main finance coordinator of the project

  • Responsible for some administrative and legal tasks

Logistics Superstar:

  • Help finding accommodation for participants

  • Looking for suitable training venue

  • Help with local transport

  • Event management and logistics

Fundraising Magician:

  • Research into funding possibilities in Europe and Switzerland

  • Creating a crowdfunding campaign

  • Help to write applications with help from other members of the team


  • The possibility to join as a participant of the training (Free food, transport and accommodation during the training).

  • An opportunity to gain experience with an international peace project and team which plans to expand in the future.

  • Recommendation letter for future employers


Up to 5 hours per week until December