imp!act - Train the trainers

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euforia is looking for a french speaking young euforic co-trainer & co-facilitiator for an imp!act project. The imp!act happens as part of a Leading with imp!act (euforia’s cooperate programme) with an institution in Lausanne. Together, we will train the young professionals of this institution to get the tools, methods, knowledge, skills and attitude so that they themselves can facilitate an imp!act for their co-workers in March 2018. We as euforia will be present also during their own imp!act in March to co-facilitate and coach the organising team.

The higer aim of this project is tol empower young professionals to create a collaborative, innovative and participative work environment.


1 day preparation of the training for the imp!act facilitators
3 day co-training to train the imp!act facilitators
2 days preparation for imp!act
3.5 days imp!act co-facilitation


preferable a young euforic member (<30)

Someone who has previous experience organizing and facilitating imp!act

French speaking


There will be a financial remuneration (~1000CHF) and additionally this is a great learning opportunity.


Natalia Luque