Workshop at Jugendkonferenz Kanton Bern


euforia is looking for 1 team member to present imp!act at youth conference in Bern the 1st of December. The project is to create two small 90 minutes workshops for 20-40 young people to give them an experience of imp!act and the magic of euforia. The aim of the project is to foster the empowerment of young people through a hands-on presentation of imp!act and helps to make euforia better known in Bern.


2 days (one for prep and 1 for facilitation)


Someone who speaks german, has participated to an imp!act before and ideally has realized a project there (not required).


It's a volunteer position. The compensation is gaining experience through practicing facilitation and you can present your own imp!act project (if it's still active).


Martina Schlumpf