Sign up before 1st of September 2018


“WhatsRollin?” is a unique marketing project which consolidates and implements multiple marketing strategies into one website, for the purpose of making marketing more efficient and creating a network of clients who are willing to be hosts of crowdfunding events for charity. (www.whatsrollin.com. Also check Serbian version www.staima.rs or just click on Serbia flag on whatsrollin.com, because I tested and implemented this project in Serbia - where all the founds form charity events goes to kids fighting cancer, and it showed astonishing results, so now I'm planning to implement this approach in Switzerland because of such a great potential this country has for social entrepreneurship.)

I need people with social entrepreneur spirit who can sign up clients to be part of "Whatsrollin?" network.


All team members can work when they want, making their own plans for signing up clients.


Every client will pay for marketing services our website provide, and the compensation will be in money - agreed percentage of membership that clients will pay


Stefan Nikolic, office@whatsrollin.com