A-maze: Bootcamp to grow and amaze youreself & others

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Deadline for sign up is 15. JULY 2018 



This is 5 days dedicated to your self-discovery, meet your self-limiting beliefs and perceived obstacles to go beyond and embrace your wholeness. You will explore your potential, free your inner wisdom and power through an experiential learning approach. Your journey in this transformative process to (re)connect body-mind-spirit-emotions will help you to gain clarity, expand awareness and dare to BE yourself to your fullest. Create and develop strategies, action plans and environments to help you to achieve your goals.

Awake some dormant facets and flavours of your life and self-perception during this inner exploration. Feed your body, soul and spirit with a perfect blend of these ingredients and much more: inner maze mapping, natural creativity expression, group reflexion and collaborative communication, bodywork & movement, Yoga & Partner yoga exercises, healing relaxation, mindfulness & méditation, tribal celebration and delicious healthy food during 5 days of complete immersion & deep connection with your core and soul.

What is the aim of the project?

This is 5 days dedicated to your self-discovery, (re)connect body-mind-spirit-emotions through experiential and creative approaches, create and develop strategies, action plans and environments to help the participants to achieve their goals.

We are looking for:

Co-facilitators/coaches with some experience with bodywork/movement, mindfulness, facilitation and coaching. We are also looking for logistic fairies who loves cooking healthy food for groups and create a warm welcoming atmosphere. Lastly we are also looking for Communication & outreach lovers. 

Time and compensation?

There will be compensation depending on the budget and how many participants join

The time commitment is between (2-4) months of preparation + Bootcamp (5days)

Project holder?

Natalia Luque, natalia@euforia.org