Imp!act spreading


Deadline for sign up 30. May 2018


We want to spread the changemakers movement and to enhance its growth, we want to enable "imp!act" events to happen all around the world in two ways:
1. Imp!act tour: Organise an imp!act tour to meet the communities/organisations/ neighbourhoods who would like to have an imp!act happening in their area to co-organise & co-facilitate this 3.5 day training with them
2. E-learning: Create an online "(r)evolution lab" (=train the trainers) training to enable and provide the tools and material needed to organise an imp!act to all the teams around the world that we can't visit and/or would like to do it on their own.


The aim of the project is to: 

> Scale our "imp!act"/impact and grow the changemakers movement
> Make this training more accessible
> Improve our learning tools and knowledge management
> Create bonds and bridges among organisations and people

We are looking for people who:

Have the skills and the willingness to organise an imp!act in their community/organisation/city, let me know. For each event, we need a: Communication lover, Logistics fairy, Participants Angel, FUNriser (fundraising), co-facilitator

Time commitment and compensatio

On a case by case basis (country, budget, participants,etc)

Project holder: 

Natalia Luque,