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Deadline for sign up is 1st of July 2018 aims to bring thousands of (partially) offline businesses online by offering free technology that allows to create an online shop in 5 simple steps on a mobile phone. We further offer digital marketing support, social media integration and support around shipping and customer service to make it possible to sell online without any prior knowledge. Currently, we have a prototype of the technology and the first businesses using it.

Are you doing an internship or travels abroad and are motivated to show small businesses how to create & manage an online business on their smartphones? or are you interested in supporting us as a community manager on social media, keeping students and business owners engaged in the community? Or do you have your own creative idea on how we could create digital marketplaces for great businesses that lack access to e-commerce at the moment? Reach out and we can see how we can make it happen :)

The higher goal of the project

E-commerce is growing globally at unprecedented speed, yet it is mainly benefiting large companies and the ones with already advanced levels of technology: the vast majority of small & medium businesses (SMEs) does not sell online or tries to achieve occasional informal sales via facebook messages or instagram. At, we believe that businesses should be selling online based on the quality of their products and not their level of technical expertise. Hence we have created a very simple technology to create and manage an online shop on a smartphone. We further offer digital marketing services, social media integration and peer-to-peer community feedback to help offline businesses go online. Our vision is to reach thousands of currently offline companies all over the world and help them grow their businesses online.

We are looking for

Over the summer, we are looking for students doing internships and travel abroad who are motivated to help great shops they meet to go online. The service is completely free for the shops that join us at this stage and you can make real impact on local businesses by helping them selling online.

This involves showing how to create a shop on a mobile phone, but can also go further in supporting the business in writing a online description, uploading photos and promoting it via social media. We further see opportunities for becoming a "community ambassador" for a region or town or for being a community manager on social media. For a community ambassador, we would require the participant to show familiarity with the market in question and to bring own ideas, keen to shape a strategy on how to reach businesses there (e.g. which niche to start with and why). For the social media community manager, we would expect previous experience or a profile as an influencer

Time commitment and compensation

Community ambassadors and social media community managers will be compensated (20-100%) we are flexible when it comes to time commitment. It is possible to work with us if you just like the idea and are willing to help a handful of nice shops you meet while traveling, and as a more permanent engagement as an ambassador or community manager it would require more time. 

Project holder

Silvana Baumann: